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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Age has a major influence on hormone levels. Every year, our bodies produce fewer hormones, with one exception-cortisol. As cortisol goes up, thyroid function immediately decreases. By age 40, thyroid function is around half of what it was during our youth. It is also around this age that we see the reproductive hormones starting to decline.

For individuals looking to slow, stop, or even reverse the signs of aging, Bioidentical Hormonal Restoration Therapy may be the answer. We lead patients to optimal health starting from within, using hormonal therapy and proper nutritional health. Hormonal Restoration Therapy uses testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones and alternative therapies to treat and slow the signs of aging.

At Daniels Vein and Cosmetic Center, it is our goal to restore your hormones back to your optimum levels so you experience improved your mood, energy, and even appearance.